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May 23, 2008


Matt Wilson

I always thought Bowie's stance was just weird, fetishistic bullshit he grew up and out of. What's up with Clapton, though? Man, I not only can't believe it, I can't believe I'd never heard about it before.

Someone else who worked with Rock Against Racism was, either appropriately, unfortunately, or ironically, Elvis Costello. Just last week I mentioned to an African American friend that I was a big Elvis Costello fan. My friend, uh... well... he let me know that he felt differently due to some things Mr. Costello had said to Stephen Stills.

What can you do in that situation? It's not my job to apologize for his Elvis Costello's drunken dumbfuckery. I just sat here nodding like, "Yeah, what can I say? It happened and it was really shitty."


I'm mystified myself as to why that Clapton quote isn't more widely known. I'd heard about his rant, but never saw the actual quote until a couple months ago (part of it is linked here). Clapton's defense was similar to Costello's ("I was drunk!")...obviously Costello had done a lot before and since to indicate those weren't his true feelings, but I can understand not wanting to give him the benefit of the doubt -- I mean, if all I knew about Pete Townshend was a handful of Who songs and his post-9/11 statement "I am grateful for American military might," I don't think I'd give him the time of day.

Clapton, on the other hand, still defends his support of Powell.

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