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March 26, 2007



I'm glad to see that the e-mail interview is still on! I hadn't heard back from you, so I wasn't sure. Thanks for the link-back, too.

El Keter

What exactly is a "classical-style" shirt?

Is that like a simple dress-shirt?

Or is it something more "classical," like Seinfeld's "puffy shirt" perhaps?


Good question. Believe you me, if I had a puffy shirt, I would never ever part with it. The last time I wore a white dress-shirt (which I believe was what the reviewer meant) I was probably 10. At the show in question I was wearing a navy blue boiler suit. I'm not sure how that could be mistaken for a white shirt and khakis, but what do I know.


The full interview and entry are posted now at STARTLING MONIKER. Enjoy!

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